Facilitating Sustainable
Agriculture in all Ecosystems
Working with farmers and strengthening their capacity to make more sustainable choices has the potential to reduce pressure on fragile environments and maintain diversity Discover more
Providing Alternative Livelihood
Opportunities to communities
Our effort is directed at encouraging communities to move away from absolute reliance on natural resources and offering identified alternative and sustainable sources of income. Discover more
Contributing to Biodiversity
Conservation in all ecosystems
We conduct field research and undertake conservation activities on threatened species taking into consideration the ecological impacts of human activities and how such impacts can be mitigated. Discover more
Our Overall Goal
To protect nature and enhance the conservation of biodiversity and associated resources in all ecosystems.


Eco Campaigns

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Our Approach

Promoting and facilitating biodiversity conservation.

In our pursuit to protect and promote functional ecological processes, we believe in a collective campaign of raising good manners for our environment and its subtle elements. We strive to improve grassroots support and facilitate livelihoods empowerment of local communities and strengthen their capacities to mitigate climate change and its associated impacts.

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Current Projects

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